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Tailor-made approach to authentic visual content that inspires, engages and stands out.​

We connect deeper and understand each other better through sharing our stories. You have a story to tell. And so does your brand.

My work revolves around the universe of visual storytelling. As a conceptual all-around videographer, I set out to capture the essence of your brand intuitively and genuinely. I translate your unique story and brand’s value—how it enriches the lives of others—into inspiring and engaging videos that bring to life your signature aesthetics and brand personality.

I don’t believe in a cookie-cutter strategy that fits all.

Your brand is unique, and so should the approach to your visual content. I don’t believe in a cookie-cutter strategy that fits all. I’m happy to brainstorm various approaches to offer your brand the visual representation it deserves. Memorable. Engaging. Utterly original. Ready to create impactful and inspiring visual content?

Take a look behind the scenes (created by Jessy Kneefel)

Some lovely words from my clients:

Frendly Amsterdam

Jan-Willem (owner)

We were looking for a creative videographer who would understand us, our brand and aesthetics and could create a series of stylish videos that showcased our furniture. Emmely was that person from the start. There was an instant connection, which is something we value alongside quality. I truly felt she herded me. Emmely made it clear that our opinion mattered. Our collaboration was delightful and open, and she immediately provided great examples, which gave us confidence in the proper preparation for the shoot.

Emmely took charge of the shoot superbly, which put all my worries at rest.  She worked independently and exuded a tremendous amount of professionalism and experience.The way she gently handled the kids—even when they weren’t always cooperative—was fantastic!

The quality was stunning, and it exceeded all our expectations. We would certainly recommend working with Emmely. Wait, on second thought, no, so we can keep her for ourselves, haha. No, just kidding, of course.

Motion Stories

Lynn (Owner)

I collaborated with Emmely on an artistic expression of my mission. My decision to work with her was influenced by Emmely’s unique and beautiful style with close attention to detail. She made me feel at ease throughout the whole day. I didn’t need to be someone else with her but my true self. The result was GORGEOUS. I only shared a snippet of the video, and it already received a lot of reactions. I would definitely recommend Emmely as she’s highly creative, thinks outside the box, goes to great lengths to get that one shot, has everything arranged practically and meticulously, and has a great sense and understanding of aesthetics. She’s also very approachable and super sweet, and her videos are gorgeous. Emmely, thank you so much for your work; I enjoyed our day and am incredibly proud of the videos.

Atelier Oost

Roos (owner)

Emmely and I collaborated on a video to capture my studio’s unique sphere, vibe and beauty. Emmely listened to my request attentively and came up with a fitting plan. The weather remained uncertain, but as soon as that sunlight poured in, I had complete confidence in the result—the best videos ever. I can’t wait to share them with the community and strategically use the videos for advertising.

Emmely is undoubtedly the best videographer I know. Her videos have a soul, and it’s evident in everything she does. Emmely has that rare gift of translating the space into beautiful visuals—exactly how I see it and even better.

Little Dutch

Babette (Marketing Manager)

The style of Emmely fits perfectly with our brand. The sessions went fantastically well. Teamwork makes the dream work. Alongside the photographer and stylist, you formed a cohesive unit that understood each other exceptionally well.

This resulted in stunningly beautiful videos that are performing exceptionally well on our social media platforms. The products are selling good.

Emmely is an amazing professional who deeply understands our company and products.  

Muné Bedding

Münevver (owner)

I am extremely satisfied with the branding video and instructional video that Emmely created for me. From the beginning, Emmely was friendly, showed great creativity, and provided valuable input. The pre-production process was clear, fast, and professional, with a pleasant introductory conversation and effective communication.

The videos themselves are fantastic. Emmely’s creativity and professionalism shine through in each video. The way she presents the content is engaging and persuasive. She has the ability to explain a new product in a clear and accessible manner. I have received a lot of positive feedback from my viewers, and the videos have helped me convey my message clearly and strengthen my brand. Furthermore, they have contributed to expanding my reach and attracting new followers and customers.

I would definitely recommend Emmely to other entrepreneurs. Her professionalism is noteworthy in conversations and her work speaks for itself in the final videos. She knows exactly how to convey your message and strengthen your brand. I have already recommended her to others and will continue to do so.

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