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Behold. Feel. Get Inspired.

Creating authentic visual content that inspires, engages and stands out for KIDS brands.

As a professional filmmaker, I create video content for brands such as Little Dutch, Noppies, Meycobaby, Difrax, Bootstock, Nubikk, Like Flo and Hippe Geboortekaartjes.

In my videos, I focus on crafting visual narratives. My objective is to intuitively and authentically capture the essence of your brand.

I translate your brand’s unique products and their value—how they enrich the lives of others—into inspiring videos. Videos that breathe life into your carefully curated collection.

Visible and tangible.

Meet me @ We Are Pregenant Event (standnr: n.t.b.)

I still remember the first time a children’s brand approached me to shoot their campaign video. It was the brand, which I had already purchased many products for my own children: Meycobaby.

On the day of the shoot, we had blue skies, which was perfect as the campaign revolved around the summer collection with a touch of Ibiza style. It was a day filled with adorable little models, their smiling faces, mischievous antics, and the pure wonder they radiated. Moreover, it was the day my dream came true – creating a campaign video for a children’s brand. That initial collaboration evolved into a beautiful video that not only made the brand proud but also filled me with pride.

After that special day, things started to pick up momentum, and soon I was approached by other fantastic children’s brands. And now, the We Are Pregnant Event organization has reached out to me – an event where many of my valued clients will be present. During these days, I will enthusiastically capture the event.

But that’s not all! I also have my own exhibition booth where you can find me when I’m not filming. I warmly invite you to come and meet me in person.

Loves, Emmely

Kind words from my clients:

“The style of Emmely aligns perfectly with our brand. The sessions went exceptionally well. Together with the photographer and stylist, you formed a cohesive team that understood each other exceptionally well.

This resulted in beautifully crafted videos that perform exceptionally well on our social media platforms. The products sell well.”

“You have already completed several assignments for us, and the collaboration is going very well. You provide fantastic input, and the young models quickly feel comfortable around you. Furthermore, you are always open to new ideas, and the feedback process for the videos goes smoothly. Beautiful and delightful images have been captured, which we will use on our channels.”

“Our rebranding agency recommended Emmely because her work stood out – heartwarming videos with a lot of emotional resonance and recognizability for customers. Our first meeting felt right away. Emmely was very enthusiastic and had many fantastic ideas. The video turned out to be beautiful and exactly as we had envisioned. We would recommend Emmely because she was a pleasure to work with, attentive to our needs, and the result is stunning.

“The quality was stunning, and it exceeded all our expectations. We would definitely recommend working with Emmely. Wait, on second thought, no, let’s keep her all to ourselves, haha. Just kidding, of course.”

In a world where attention is scarce, I help your brand stand out with captivating video content.

My name is Emmely. I am a conceptual thinker. A mother. And a creative videographer with a strong affinity for engaging visual storytelling. In my work, I use expert storytelling techniques to capture fleeting moments that translate your brand’s essence and uncover subtle beauty.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from the Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, I’ve been collaborating with aesthetically-defined brands and inspiring entrepreneurs.

My mission is to realize your brand’s unique vision through captivating video content that resonates and creates a deep connection with your audience.

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