In the summer sun, on a lazy day,
Children lay in the grass, with nothing to say,
With skateboards and backpacks,
they set out to roam, In a camper that took them far from home.

They drove to the coast,
where the waves met the sand, And rode on their boards,
with the sea at their command,
They jumped and flipped, with the gulls overhead,
Their spirits soaring, like the waves they tread.

Next, they drove to a field, of heather and bloom,
And ran through the hills, like a playful plume,
Their laughter echoed, through the summer air,
Their joy unbridled, without a single care.

As they drove back, the day turned to night,
But their adventure still shone, like a brilliant light,
For they found in themselves, a spirit so bold,
That any day can be an adventure, just waiting to unfold.

So they lay in the grass, looking up at the sky,
Their hearts full of wonder, as the world passed by,
With the camper parked, and the skateboard set aside,
They knew they had found, a happiness they couldn’t hide.

Client: Noppies
Team: Saskia Verzijden, Tjitske Agricola, Emmely Brand, Imane Abbassi, Marije Koelewijn.
Models: Keayen, Megan, Sami, Nayreon, Nima, Nona, Phariss.