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Art in Return “Review” Annemieke – Art in return Behind the scenes


Muné Bedding “I am absolutely thrilled with the footage I received from Emmely! Her creativity and professionalism shine through in every video. The way she presents the content is engaging and convincing. I appreciate her ability to explain a new product in a comprehensible and accessible manner. I have received a lot of positive feedback […]


Difrax “You have already completed a few assignments for us, and the collaboration is going very well. You think along wonderfully, and the little models quickly feel comfortable with you. Additionally, you are always open to new ideas, and the feedback process for the videos goes smoothly. Beautiful and enjoyable footage has been captured, which […]


https://vimeo.com/843639260 Ibiza Summer Collection 2023 (campaign video) https://vimeo.com/843639380?share=copy “The style of Emmely fits perfectly with our brand. The sessions went fantastically well. Teamwork makes the dream work. Alongside the photographer and stylist, you formed a cohesive unit that understood each other exceptionally well.” Babette – Little Dutch Ibiza Summer Collection 2023 (short video) https://vimeo.com/843639507?share=copy Vintage […]


https://vimeo.com/826686314?share=copy Flash Campaign 2023 https://vimeo.com/826686507?share=copy “WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!  Unbelievable! We wanted to call you, because we’re sooooo excited! We’re so happy with you! The feeling we wanted to convey is absolutely spot on. Happy, happy, happy. .” Rachèl – Zusss Home Collection Summer 2023 https://vimeo.com/843781650/2600fa1080?share=copy Woman Collection A/W 2022-23  https://vimeo.com/843781449/e15e0b5c9e?share=copy Woman Collection Summer 2023 https://vimeo.com/616030916?share=copy Woman Collection […]