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Atelier Oost -The Loft Campaign 2022

Emmely and I collaborated on a video to capture my studio’s unique sphere, vibe and beauty. Emmely listened to my request attentively and came up with a fitting plan. The weather remained uncertain, but as soon as that sunlight poured in, I had complete confidence in the result—the best videos ever. I can’t wait to share them with the community and strategically use the videos for advertising. Emmely is undoubtedly the best videographer I know. Her videos have a soul, and it’s evident in everything she does. Emmely has that rare gift of translating the space into beautiful visuals—exactly how I see it and even better.."

Roos Oosterbroek - Founder Atelier Oost

Client: Atelier Oost
Team: Roos Oosterbroek, Lauren Duk, Alina Krasieva
Video & Edit: Emmely Brand
Model: Elize Been

Behind the scenes