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Frendly Amsterdam

"We were looking for a creative videographer who would understand us, our brand and aesthetics and could create a series of stylish videos that showcased our furniture. Emmely was that person from the start. There was an instant connection, which is something we value alongside quality. I truly felt she herded me. Emmely made it clear that our opinion mattered. Our collaboration was delightful and open, and she immediately provided great examples, which gave us confidence in the proper preparation for the shoot.

Emmely took charge of the shoot superbly, which put all my worries at rest. She worked independently and exuded a tremendous amount of professionalism and experience.The way she gently handled the kids—even when they weren’t always cooperative—was fantastic! The quality was stunning, and it exceeded all our expectations.

We would certainly recommend working with Emmely. Wait, on second thought, no, so we can keep her for ourselves, haha. No, just kidding, of course.."

Jan-Willem - Founder Frendly Amsterdam

Client: Frendly Amsterdam
Team: Roos Oosterbroek, Iammaureen, Kelly Interieurdesign, Kim Spanjaart
Models: Amelie, Leza
Location: Fabriek Zuidermeer

Behind the scenes