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Behold the light, feel the narrative & get inspired.

Emmely Brand, creative and
conceptual videographer.

We connect deeper and understand each other better through sharing our stories. You have a story to tell. And so does your brand.

My work revolves around the universe of visual storytelling. As a conceptual allround videographer, I set out to capture the essence of your brand intuitively and genuinely. I translate your unique story and brand’s value—how it enriches the lives of others—into inspiring and engaging videos that bring to life your signature aesthetics and brand personality.

Since graduating from the Art Academy Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, I’ve been deeply drawn to creative work that continuously underlines the true value of connection, beauty and detail that ultimately add joy and delight to the mundane. I strongly believe in creating storytelling videos with character, original aesthetics, and—dare I say—soul.

I’ve been lucky to visually support many authentic brands and heart-driven entrepreneurs. Through videos that capture small but notable moments, engage, and spark curiosity and laughter, I aim to inspire your community and create that meaningful connection with your brand.

It's my hope that through my videos, your story will fully unfold.

“Every brand wants to be heard and every brand tells a story. Through stories, we find connection.

Your light needs to shine to be seen. Even the smallest spark, can ignite the fire within. If we all could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the light in everything. Never underestimate the importance of small things. It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture.

My name is Emmely Brand, I’m a creative and conceptual videographer. I am destined to capture your brand, to make it visible for everyone to see. For me, as an artist, it’s about the essence of what your world feels like. About capturing your product through storytelling in an intuitive and genuine way.

Let’s create from the heart, together.”

Emmely Brand

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